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All Things Mealtimes Workshop

Magic Beans Feeding & Speech Therapy Centre

Time & Date

10/7/23, 12:30 am


To Be Confirmed

All Things Mealtimes Workshop

Lively Eaters Feeding Therapy specialises in supporting children and their families who are experiencing mealtime, tube feeding, eating and/or drinking difficulties from birth through the early school and teenage years. The program supports the families of children with autism spectrum disorder, chromosomal, gastrointestinal, developmental, neurological, tube dependency, sensory disorders and developmental delays which impact their feeding and eating capacities. Dietitians, Speech Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Paediatrician and Mental Health therapists in the program provide research-based feeding therapy to over 400 families annually, Australia wide and internationally. The Lively Eaters intensive feeding programs are the only residential family-based feeding programs available in Australia to support tube weaning and children with extremely challenging eating.Over the last 12 years Lively Eaters has successfully worked with over 300 families to wean children from tube dependency or re-instate successful family mealtimes with increased acceptance of food variety.

The workshop will be presented as an interactive lecture with extensive case studies and video footage showing the different stages of the intensive weaning and ‘Venture Out’ program being implemented from first involvement with a family to the end of a wean. Children with backgrounds including chromosomal, gastrointestinal, developmental, neurological and no apparent reasons for faltering growth will be presented.

See website:

Register at: Email us at or Whatsapp us at +65 87773171 should you have any queries.


Ms Emily Lively, Director of Lively Eaters Feeding Emily has worked within the area of paediatric feeding for the last 20 years. In addition, she has extensive experience in the diagnosis and therapy for children with an autism spectrum disorder as well as supporting families of children with global developmental delay, sensory processing disorder, dysphagia and swallowing disorders, speech and language disorder and motor co-ordination challenges. Working within a multi-disciplinary team over this time has been vital for developing a holistic view of all the factors which influence a child’s ability to learn to eat and drink. Emily strives to bring these factors together by working with all family members to develop oral feeding skills for children who are enteral tube dependent or extremely challenging or restricted eaters, through the Lively Eaters Intensive residential feeding program. Ms Lynly Mader, Infant Mental Health Specialist Lynly has worked with families who have experienced multiple adversities for over 30 years. In this time, she has worked both within Adult and Child Mental health and Paediatric settings, within inpatient, outpatient and community development programs. Within the last 20 years, her focus has been on supporting parents whose children have complex medical diagnoses or are in circumstances that have made parenting a challenge. Lynly has a commitment to respecting the individuality of each child, within each family. Through accessing the relational dynamics of the family, Lynly seeks to help the family create rewarding, sustainable and successful feeding interactions. Many of the families that approach the Lively Eaters program have been caught in spiralling dysfunctional interactional patterns that have been influenced by the trauma of events such as early birth, lengthy hospitalisations, aversive but necessary medical treatments and adjustment to challenging behaviours. See website for more details on the speakers.

Pricing & Deadline

Group of 2 or more (Early bird before 14th of February 2023) - SGD 820

Individual (Early bird before 14th of February 2023) - SGD 880

Please see website for details on other fees.

*VCF grant application is in progress and will be confirmed by the end of January 2023. For those who require VCF funding, do register to be informed about the VCF funding results.

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