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Estill Voice Training Level 1 and 2 Course (Feb/ March 2024)

Intune Music


Event Timing


Registration & Deadlines


Feb-Mar 24, 10.00am - 5.30pm


Naomi Eyers

Course Fees (Not inclusive of Course Materials)
Full fee - $950
SALTS Members: $855

Unlock the potential of effective communication with Estill Voice Training! Are you encountering challenges in your quest to discover and develop your unique voice, struggling to overcome barriers to progress? Whether you're diligently refining your vocalization, pitch, and voice quality, yet finding it difficult to achieve the desired outcomes, Estill Voice Training is the key to unlocking the full capabilities of your voice.

As a Speech Therapist, you understand the nuanced intricacies of vocal expression and communication. Estill Voice Training provides a transformative solution, allowing you to elevate your expertise in guiding individuals to unleash the true power of their voices. Embark on a journey of self-discovery and vocal mastery tailored specifically for Speech Therapists through Estill Voice Training!

Estill Voice Training has also benefited many speech therapists by providing deeper insights into how the voice works. It offers directly applicable techniques and exercises that exert a significant impact on their clients' vocal improvement!

“Thank you Naomi for sharing a different perspective in voice therapy! I learned so much and can’t wait to try these Estill techniques with my patients.” – Beatrice Teo, Speech Therapist

“Estill is a great course for non-singers and speech therapists. Understanding how the voice works and how to change each aspect in isolation and then to combine into qualities has me great insight into my own voice and into clinical application” – Chloe Ang, Speech Therapist

Estill Voice Workshop (Feb / March 2024) - Online
23 Feb Friday 10am to 530pm
24 Feb Saturday 10am to 530pm
25 Feb Sunday 10am to 530pm
2 March Saturday 10am to 530pm
3 March Sunday 10am to 530pm

For the course materials, it will be in PDF format and can only be purchased through the Estill Voice Training International website.

Contact Intune Music at 92341238 or for more information and registration!

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