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KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital

May 31, 2024 at 2:55:00 AM

About the Role

You will be responsible for assessing and managing communication and/or swallowing disorders in adults and children with craniofacial anomalies and velopharyngeal dysfunction. You will work collaboratively with a multidisciplinary healthcare team to provide care for patients and provide education to patients, caregivers and other healthcare professionals. You are to contribute to the organisation’s efforts in providing quality patient care, delivering clinical education and engaging in research activities.

- Assess, plan and provide intervention and monitor outcomes for routine cases independently
- Communicate with patients and caregivers to deliver care and be aware of patients’ needs in routine situations.
- Demonstrate responsible working practices in adherence to health and safety policies and procedures
- Have excellent spoken and written communication skills.
- Ability to work independently as well as in a team.


Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Speech and Language Pathology (or equivalent) from an accredited university recognised by the Allied Health Professions Council under the Ministry of Health.

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