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Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore

2 February 2024 at 11:03:29 pm

Job Type:

Speech and Language Therapist


Salary Range:

Contact Person:

About the Role


The Speech and Language Therapist assesses clients, plans therapy interventions, implements therapy plans and educates clients and their caregivers. In addition, training and supporting teachers, caregivers, and parents in the treatment strategies, and processes. The individual may work in collaborative and transdisciplinary teams. The job scope also entails managing risk and service quality, assisting senior colleagues in projects, specialised clinics, research work, performing departmental administration and operational tasks and participating in continuing education. The individual should possess effective communication, organisation, multi-tasking, and problem-solving skills.

•Conduct functional assessments to determine required therapy interventions for basic cases.
•Formulate client-centred and SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Timely) goals in collaboration with clients and relevant stakeholders.
•Communicate the assessment results, intervention plans, goals and outcome measures to relevant stakeholders.
•Select appropriate and specific outcome measures to enable evaluation of therapy progress and outcomes.
•Provide intervention to clients on one-to-one basis, group or classroom setting based on their needs in relation to feeding/swallowing, language, literacy, speech, and communication skills.
•Evaluate therapy progress and outcomes using the recommended therapy outcome measures at regular intervals.
•Modify therapy plans based on client performance and motivation as well as therapy outcome measures collected
•Identify, assess, and prescribe assistive devices as required by the clients to improve function.
•Liaise with and empower parents in client handling skills to ensure and encourage continuity and consistency of SLP related strategies incorporated both at school and home. 10. Communicate and Involve in discussions and meetings of client-related issues with parents, caregivers, volunteers, and members of the rehabilitation team.
•Formulate discharge plans, if required, based on client performance in consultation with relevant stakeholders.
•Identify risks of clients, environments, situations, and equipment before, during and after clients' contact.

2. Education, Training and Development:
•Keep abreast of latest development in service delivery of speech therapy related areas to ensure that therapy programs are evidence-based.
•Develop competencies across different areas of SLP required according to the clientele served.
•Participate in continuous professional development, based on the learning needs and competency gaps identified.
•Conduct in-house sharing and training programs for relevant staff, teachers, parents, caregivers, and volunteers in the organisation.
•Assist department in programme evaluation, giving and seeking feedback as appropriate, and in quality improvement projects.

3. Administration
➢Maintain efficient documentation and reporting of speech therapy records in Client Information Management System (CIMS) such as:
o Initial assessment
o Assessment / Re-assessment
o Therapy goals
o Session Notes
o Clients’ Progress Report
o Review therapy plan when necessary
o Schedule planning
o Discharge planning
o Database of all clients under your schedule
➢Monitor individual clinical and non-clinical key performance indicators set – Performance Management System (PMS)
➢Ensure that the administrative duties relevant to departmental work are carried out effectively
➢Adhere to workplace health and safety standards.
➢Regular in maintenance and upkeep of therapy materials and equipment.

4. Maintenance
•Ensure that all therapy equipment is maintained regularly
•Ensure that proper inventory of all equipment and fixtures are kept and regularly updated


• Bachelors or Masters in Speech and Language Pathology or Therapy from a recognised university

• Full Registration under AHPC, or eligible for registration under the Allied Health Professions Council, Singapore

• A heart and passion to serve in the community sector

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