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June: Aphasia & Dysphagia Awareness Month

Updated: Apr 4

June is a big month for us Speech Therapists. It’s #AphasiaAwarenessMonth AND #DysphagiaAwarenessMonth! 🎊

Aphasia is a language disorder that affects a person’s ability to communicate. Individuals with aphasia may have difficulties understanding language, speaking, reading, and/or writing. It is often acquired as a result of brain damage.

Dysphagia refers to difficulties with swallowing. Individuals with dysphagia may experience challenges in eating and drinking, possibly affecting their mealtime experiences as well as their nutritional intake. Difficulties may be experienced in the mouth, throat, and/or food pipe (esophagus).

Meet Stuti! 👋

Stuti runs a page sharing her journey after a brain haemorrhage in May 2018. She had to re-learn how to use the right side of her body, as well as to speak and eat again. She hopes to inspire others with her strength and perseverance. This will be her #341 post in her documented journey! ☺️

This month, let’s raise awareness of Dysphagia and Aphasia as well as their impacts on daily life. Together, we can advocate for better understanding and support. 📢 ❤️

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